Hello there, Barefoot Hammer here. I just wanted to say that I will not be continuing my fan fiction series because I wouldn’t have time for it and I think that my writing has room for a lot of improvement. So that was first. Second, (this goes with the first) I deleted all of my posts that had to do anything with fan fiction. Yeah. So, third, don’t be surprised if I am not as active on this blog. I have school, and I have a life too. If some of you guys didn’t know (you probably don’t but anyways) I am in all advanced subjects at my school so I have to work really hard and I just might not have the time for this blog. In order, school first, blogs and other things second. Fourth, it’s kind of mysterious that Orange Shell hasn’t been on in, well, months now. If anyone knows the dirt (stuff) that’s going on with Orange Shell, DM me on Discord. Fifth, (this goes along with the third) I probably won’t be on Discord much because of the same reasons that I explained in the third anouncement. Sixth, (for Cuddly Brain, goes along with the first and second) you can do your series on Wednesdays now. Seventh, if anyone asks about me and I’m not on Discord (about my inactivity) don’t spread lies. Tell them that I have school and a life. Nothing more, nothing less. I guess that’s all for now… See you soon!


-Barefoot Hammer

Fan Club Friday: Dr. Hare Fan Club

Hello there, Barefoot Hammer here. Today I will be doing the Fan Club Friday today. For those of you that are on EST (Eastern Standard Time) I’m sorry this post is so late in the day. Anyways, here is the information to join the Dr. Hare Fan Club:


I didn’t have time to look for fan art but when I have the time I’ll make a separate post with the fan art.

Hero: You have to beat 24 Carrot Island once (1) and Super Villan Island once (1).

Villain: You have to beat 24 Carrot Island twice (2).

Join the club! Go to and DM me (Barefoot Hammer), Orange Shell, or Cuddly Brain for an invite!

See you around!


-Barefoot Hammer




I Am So Sorry!

I know, I know, I haven’t been posting lately but I’m sorry it’s just that I’ve been busy with other things and, for me at least, school is coming up soon and now I’ll be busy again but trust me, I will try my very best to be more active so yeah guys I’m sorry but I promise more to come very soon from me! I may or may not even have something planned for you guys… There will be more on that later. For now, goodbye, and, GO WILDFIRE!!! (Sorry Orange Shell)

-Barefoot Hammer

The Poppies are Here!

As I said in my previous post, the PHB Staff was planning something. We now know that something is the Poppies! If you do not know what the Poppies is, it’s basically a Poptropica awards show that the PHB made up. It’s sort of like the Grammy’s or the Oscar’s. You can nominate the people/islands now on the PHB website! Just type in, and their will be a link in the Poppies post, which will tell you more about the event, and the categories! The Poppies event will be on July 26. Also, the PHB will be celebrating their 8th birthday, which we do not know the date of. We will try to get to you soon with more! Stay tuned!

-Barefoot Hammer

The PHB Staff is Planning Something

If you have SlantedFish, Ultimate iPad Expert, Brave Tomato, Mighty Gamer, Ylimegirl, Slippery Raptor, Spotted Dragon, and/or HPuterpop as a friend on Poptropica, then you know that they have changed their costumes. Why did they change their costumes? We don’t know. Our guess is that they are planning something for the future. What are they planning? Again, we don’t know. Orange Shell has asked the PHB Staff and has gotten one hint: Monday. We also know that Tall Cactus knows the secret. We’ll get back to you soon with more!

-Barefoot Hammer

We Are Now Hiring!

So… Like the title says, we are now hiring authors on this blog! All you need to have is a little experience with blogs (more is appreciated!) and you’re in! If you are interested, contact me (Barefoot Hammer) or Orange Shell on Discord. Make sure you at least have some experience before contacting one of us. See you around!

-Barefoot Hammer

Hello Poptropicans!

Hello Poptropicans! My name is Barefoot Hammer and I will be an author on this blog! I got hired by Orange Shell, the creator of this blog, so if you would like to be an author just ask them on Discord and they just might say yes! Also, I make drawings so contact me on Discord if you want one! Thanks for your time!

-Barefoot Hammer