Gah… I’m dead

When Harry took the curse
When Percy gave Lule thw knife
When Tris sacrificed herself to make things right.

My cousin found something like that on the internet, and she was all like,”OMG I LuV THIS!!!” Anyways, I’m dead. And whatever you thing I’m dead about, you’re wrong.

I’m actually dead cause’ of what happened atthe end of Mark of Athena WHICH KILLED ME. And I’m trying to think on whaht just happened in Allegiant too. I’m like this right now:” WHY DO KILL OFF YOUR MOST IMPORTANT CHARACER WHO REALLY IS A KICK BUTT CHARACTER” Yeah, so I’m really kind mad. Which reminds me. I’m opening up a RAGE PAGE! Share your rage with other people. Send me your rage on Devoant Art; or on this post’s comment box. Before Istart goin on about how awesone the Vols are this year, I better go. So…..

Seashell out!:-D

4 thoughts on “Gah… I’m dead

  1. you should read the next book. they somehow lived!
    What am i mad about? Uh… honestly, the hipe FNAF got last year. That irritates me, because the game creeps the bajabers out of me.

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