The PHB Staff is Planning Something

If you have SlantedFish, Ultimate iPad Expert, Brave Tomato, Mighty Gamer, Ylimegirl, Slippery Raptor, Spotted Dragon, and/or HPuterpop as a friend on Poptropica, then you know that they have changed their costumes. Why did they change their costumes? We don’t know. Our guess is that they are planning something for the future. What are they planning? Again, we don’t know. Orange Shell has asked the PHB Staff and has gotten one hint: Monday. We also know that Tall Cactus knows the secret. We’ll get back to you soon with more!

-Barefoot Hammer

3 thoughts on “The PHB Staff is Planning Something

  1. I begged UiPE for answers, but all I got is : Monday! Tall cactus knows, and she works with me! Its really not fair.
    I think maybe, possibly, the PHB is having a party, or they’re having some type of where do you come from because fishy is from Hong Kong, and she’s dressed like an old lady from china. No offense fishy if your reading this. But that’s my theory. Also, spotted dragon is the only one out of all the phb staff who didn’t dress up. Sliver wolf doesn’t know what’s going on either and she’s one of the biggest Poptropica bloggers ever. I even dont know, and I work with mighty gamer. Btw, I am now an author on Poptropica tips.

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