Meme face, some exciting news!

mymemeOrange Shell here, with something cool! First, me and TheMadFeather are planning a huge Poppies party at the Coconut Café, with orchestra and food and can-can dancers…… so be sure to tune in! Also, we’re hosting a huge costume contest! So, come to the party, turn in your costumes…. and……not 1……but 2 NEW AUTHORS! You guys may know who Cool Shell and Magic Cheetah are from Discord. They joined the staff last week, and I am trying to get them to post their first post!!!!😕. Also, there will be new updates to the blog, and if you want to be a Poptropica Hero, a new art series I created, contact me with the power you want. Currently the taken powers are:

Orange Shell: Atom

Cool Dolphin: Water

Marshmallow: Fire

Lucky Joker: moving objects by thought

A Very Speedy Lizard: Ice

So, those are taken. Also, I’m orangeshell1 on DA.

Also, my Super Story Wendsdays fans, there’s a preview of the next one on there.

My meme will be coming out later, so I’ll edit it in when it comes out.

That’s all for right now, so…..

Seashell out!😎-

New header!

What’s popping, Poptropicans? Seashell here, with updates on the blog! I’m posting from my kindle, so no emojis,pictures, or GIFs his time.:( I know, right, old emoticon? Well anyways, you might have noticed a new header above th website. I need to get all the authors together for a header picture, so thi one will be temorary. Also, once my tablet is charged, I will change the background to gold for the poppies.And maybe I will have a new costumes page, hopefully, as well. Well, thats all for today. So,…….

Seashell out! sunglasses emoji goes here-

I am super hyped about the Poppies!

Hey guys! Its me, Orange Shell. I’m sorry that i haven’t posted in awhile. I have been busy with other stuff lately,like PTFP. But, first things first. The Poppies are coming up, and I am super excited! I would show you guys a picture of my poptropican, but I’m on my kindle, sdo i can’t. They are coming up the 26, and later today they will post the results of the nomination round. Also, anyone who might have nominated this blog for the besrt active fan blog, or me or Hammer for communoty service, thank you! It really means a lot to us. The official voting begins later, so if we were nominated for best active fan blog, vote for us! We also might have some new authors soon! Cool Shell seems intrested, and more, hopefully.

Do you all happen to remeber that post on the creators blog about the wheel of fortune? Well, now it has actually on Home island, but it could be renmoved in the future because people try to hack it ad spin whenever they want, so ejoy it while you have it.

Its almost time ro wreap up for now, bit befoe I sign off for right now, I want to give a final shoutout to Mighty Gamer, who has been an inspiration to me, and we will all miss you. PTFP and the PHB will be different without you. I enjoyed getting to work with you. The Poptropica community will miss you. But everyone knows that al good times must come to an end. Farewell Mighty Gamer, and this signoff will be dedicated to you.

Seashell out! sunglasses face emoji goes here –

The Poppies are Here!

As I said in my previous post, the PHB Staff was planning something. We now know that something is the Poppies! If you do not know what the Poppies is, it’s basically a Poptropica awards show that the PHB made up. It’s sort of like the Grammy’s or the Oscar’s. You can nominate the people/islands now on the PHB website! Just type in, and their will be a link in the Poppies post, which will tell you more about the event, and the categories! The Poppies event will be on July 26. Also, the PHB will be celebrating their 8th birthday, which we do not know the date of. We will try to get to you soon with more! Stay tuned!

-Barefoot Hammer

The PHB Staff is Planning Something

If you have SlantedFish, Ultimate iPad Expert, Brave Tomato, Mighty Gamer, Ylimegirl, Slippery Raptor, Spotted Dragon, and/or HPuterpop as a friend on Poptropica, then you know that they have changed their costumes. Why did they change their costumes? We don’t know. Our guess is that they are planning something for the future. What are they planning? Again, we don’t know. Orange Shell has asked the PHB Staff and has gotten one hint: Monday. We also know that Tall Cactus knows the secret. We’ll get back to you soon with more!

-Barefoot Hammer

Costume Results are in!

Well folks, the results for the July 4th celebration are in! 4th place goes out to me, orange shell.eyJ1cmwiOiJodHRwczovL2Rpc2NvcmQuc3RvcmFnZS5nb29nbGVhcGlzLmNvbS9hdHRhY2htZW50cy8xOTkyNjUzNzE3OTI4NjczMjgvMTk5MjkwNDU3MDMxODM1NjUwL0lNR18wN

3rd place goes out to Just ASG’s.

2nd place goes out to our very own Barefoot Hammer!4thofjulyc1.png

And, what you’ve all been waiting for..

This year’s ruler of 4th of July costumes goes out to……

RedLizard2015!4thofjulyc14thof julyc2

His costume really looks like 4th of July! He has a sort of female Benjamin Franklin vibe which is very good for a July 4 costume.


Thanks! seashell out 😎–


We Are Now Hiring!

So… Like the title says, we are now hiring authors on this blog! All you need to have is a little experience with blogs (more is appreciated!) and you’re in! If you are interested, contact me (Barefoot Hammer) or Orange Shell on Discord. Make sure you at least have some experience before contacting one of us. See you around!

-Barefoot Hammer


Orange Shell here! Turn in your 4th of July celebration costumes! Its not too late. Also there have been numerous threats against Purple Claw, blogger of Clawtropica on the PHC. Watch out, though. Today there has been at least 1 author on nonstop, Slanted Fish, Ultimate IPad Expert, Ylimegirl, Mighty Gamer, and Brave Tomato, so we should be safe.

What do you think about Barefoot Hammer? Do you like her? Well, there should be more coming soon. Who would you like to be author?

Hello Poptropicans!

Hello Poptropicans! My name is Barefoot Hammer and I will be an author on this blog! I got hired by Orange Shell, the creator of this blog, so if you would like to be an author just ask them on Discord and they just might say yes! Also, I make drawings so contact me on Discord if you want one! Thanks for your time!

-Barefoot Hammer

Saturn is a town…….

I had an interesting chat on the phc just now. someone suggested that i search saturn on google maps.i did.dont try this at home. saturn is not on google maps. maybe thats because i searched” saturn da planet next to jupiter da planet”. yeah,starting to see the point,Barefoot hammer is joining in on the upcostumes!why wasnt that the headline news? slumps down in chair. more unbeliveable news. i posted this from my kindle.

this is where gif of saturn is supposed to be.