A Holidays Party!!

OS here, with pretty good news! Us, the staff at the bog you’re staring at right now, is hosting a party just in time for the holidays! Dress up in nice party clothes appropriate, and we may choose you to be the winner of many who attend as the best dressed. Or maybe you can skip all the bling and hang with friends. Or maybe catch a date and step up t the bling… SF, don’t tell me that you’re not going with Marshie, I know better than that. The date, currently is set for December 21, the first day of winter.The time is TBA.

Seashell out! 😎


Short Feather has arrived!

Welp , here come a new author. So , my name is Short Feather. I own https://shortfetherspopup.wordpress.com/ . I LOVE Poptropica ! If you want to add me on Poptropica my username is garfield10189. I really , really , really appreciate being invited to this blog. If you read my blog  , you know what’s coming next. Bye ya!

Gah… I’m dead

When Harry took the curse
When Percy gave Lule thw knife
When Tris sacrificed herself to make things right.

My cousin found something like that on the internet, and she was all like,”OMG I LuV THIS!!!” Anyways, I’m dead. And whatever you thing I’m dead about, you’re wrong.

I’m actually dead cause’ of what happened atthe end of Mark of Athena WHICH KILLED ME. And I’m trying to think on whaht just happened in Allegiant too. I’m like this right now:” WHY DO KILL OFF YOUR MOST IMPORTANT CHARACER WHO REALLY IS A KICK BUTT CHARACTER” Yeah, so I’m really kind mad. Which reminds me. I’m opening up a RAGE PAGE! Share your rage with other people. Send me your rage on Devoant Art; or on this post’s comment box. Before Istart goin on about how awesone the Vols are this year, I better go. So…..

Seashell out!:-D


Heyo poptropicans!! Seashell here with a explanation on why I’ve been SO absent on every blog I work on. My tablet has been dead ever since I went silent. And that’s actually why I went silent. And all of you guys out there who are wondering”How is she blogging right now??” I’m posting on my Kindle. Plus I got grounded until I can get along wih my sister. I’m really excited for the future, but I can’t imagine that wihout CB and BH. It would mean THE WORLD to me if you came back. And to all of our blog’s super-awesome fans out there, if you would recommend this blog to all of your awesome poptropican friends.I would do it myself, but I’m on my kindle. And those of you on Discord, or wanting to become an author here, just comment and I can help!! Thanks SO much!!

Seashell out!-


Hi peoples, CB here. As you can tell by the title, me and Barefoot Hammer are abandoning the blog and here are our reasons:

Cuddly Brain: I am leaving the blog for many reasons, Orange Shell hasn’t been around in weeks, school is starting tomorrow for me, and I won’t have time for this blog while I work on others. Also this blog isn’t popular. That is all. Farewell.

Barefoot Hammer: Okay here’s mine: I am leaving the blog for 3 reasons, 1. It’s not popular. I want to be a part of a blog that has popularity because there is no point in making blog posts if no one reads them. 2. Orange Shell hasn’t been here in weeks. I need to make sure that I’m following the rules of the the blog when I’m doing the posts. 3. School is coming up, and I really need to have some time for schoolwork, since I have advanced stuff to do.

Farewell, Poptropicans. May the UPC rest in peace.




We Need POP-ularity!

Hi peoples, CB here. (I know, poor intro, I’m getting worried about this blog’s future.)                         Well anyways, we haven’t had many readers or commenters recently (shoutout to Friendly Foot for being one of the only readers and commenting.) We need POP-ularity. So everyone, spread the word about this blog. Me and Barefoot Hammer will help out too. We hope this blog becomes successful. Goodbye for now. (Poptropican Cereal Box Saturday is cancelled for this week, it will return soon.)


Hello there, Barefoot Hammer here. I just wanted to say that I will not be continuing my fan fiction series because I wouldn’t have time for it and I think that my writing has room for a lot of improvement. So that was first. Second, (this goes with the first) I deleted all of my posts that had to do anything with fan fiction. Yeah. So, third, don’t be surprised if I am not as active on this blog. I have school, and I have a life too. If some of you guys didn’t know (you probably don’t but anyways) I am in all advanced subjects at my school so I have to work really hard and I just might not have the time for this blog. In order, school first, blogs and other things second. Fourth, it’s kind of mysterious that Orange Shell hasn’t been on in, well, months now. If anyone knows the dirt (stuff) that’s going on with Orange Shell, DM me on Discord. Fifth, (this goes along with the third) I probably won’t be on Discord much because of the same reasons that I explained in the third anouncement. Sixth, (for Cuddly Brain, goes along with the first and second) you can do your series on Wednesdays now. Seventh, if anyone asks about me and I’m not on Discord (about my inactivity) don’t spread lies. Tell them that I have school and a life. Nothing more, nothing less. I guess that’s all for now… See you soon!


-Barefoot Hammer

Sorry I Was Gone

Hi peoples, Cuddly Brain here.

I know I’ve been very inactive recently. I’m sorry. I was on vacation, and I’m also busy with another blog. I’m super-duper-ultra-sorry. This is also partly because Orange Shell has been inactive for a long time now, and I haven’t had time to talk with her about what we should do on the blog, and share my ideas with her. Sorry for the inactivity.

-Cuddly Brain ❤️💬